• Contract Date: 2014
  • client: Housing Development Administration of Turkey
  • Name of Work:
    Construction Supervision of Bilecik Düzce Istanbul Kocaeli 1109 Housing, Hospital, Pharmacy,Mosque, Trade Center, Dormitory, Administrative Buildings, Infrastructure and Environment.

Bılecık Duzce Istanbul Kocaelı 1109 Housıng, Hospıtal, Pharmacy,Mosque, Trade Center, Dormıtory

Construction Supervision of different superstructures, with the total construction area of 431.529,12 . Retrofit and repair works of a tax office service building with the total construction area of 21.127 , 4 student dormitory with the capacity of 1200 beds, 3 hospitals, which are Izmit, Gebze, and Tuzla Hospitals, with the capacity of 1000 beds, 2 preliminary school with 72 classes, residental building complex with thecapacity of 1200 residences, includes city planning, feasibility studies, static, architectural, electrical, mechanical application plan and layouts, water distribution system, sewage system, storm water system, potable drinking water distribution system, pavements, road, recreation areas, electrification and telecommunication systems, natural gas piping systems

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