Dıyarbakır Mardın Hıghway

Construction supervision and consultancy services of 106 km highway between Diyarbakir – Mardin, Turkey. The project includes earthworks, engineering structures such as culverts, bridge, plant mix sub-base, plant mix base, hot bituminous mixture pavement    


It is one of the most prestigious and unique transportation projects in Turkey’s history. It connects Asian side of Istanbul to European side under Bosporus strait dropping substantially traffic congestions of the suspension bridges crossing the strait. The project includes construction supervision of 15.02 km 2x2 and 2x3 roads, 3.34

Ankara Pozantı HIGHWAY

Construction supervision of 6 lane (2x3) 44.5 km highway, and 4 lane (2x2) 17.7 km connection road. Total length of highway is 62.2 km. The project includes 255 culverts, 12 underpass bridges, 5 overpass bridges, 8 interchange bridges, Toll collection facilities in 4 different locations, 1 highway service facility (type

Gazıantep Sanlıurfa Hıghway

Construction supervision and consultancy services of the 6 lane (2x3) highway project in Southeastern Anatolia region, Turkey. The length of the highway is 34.4 km in addition to 6.13 km connection and 2.63 km side roads.The project includes 103 culverts, 19 underpasses, 6 overpasses, 1 viaduct with a length of

Sakarya Kocaelı and Duzce Earthquake Zone

Construction supervision and consultancy services of 4 lane (2x2) 43,26 km roads in earthquake zones of Sakarya - Kocaeli - Düzce. The project includes soil works, engineering structures, sea and creek fortifications, bored piles, bridges, tunnels, subfoundations, plant-mix foundation and bituminous hot mix, project management, construction supervision, material approvals and

Bolaman Persembe Hıghway

Construction supervision and consultancy services of 27.5 km 4 lane (2x2). Approximately 15 km of this road is along Black Sea coastal line including reclaimation work, highway between Bolaman and Persembe, Turkey. The project includes 2 overpasses, 5 tunnels total length of 4.587 km, 34 bridges with total length of