• Contract Date: 2021
  • client: National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Name of Work:
    Consultancy services for Authority’s Engineer for Supervision of“Construction and Upgradation of existing road on NH-510 between Rabangla to Gyalshing to 2-lane with paved shoulder configuration in the State of Sikkim under SARDP-NE Phase ‘A’ on EPC mode for (i) Km 32+500 to Km 33+600 (Package-III), (ii) Km 33+600 to Km 58+840 (Package IV), (iii) Km 58+840 to Km 75+000 (Package V) & (iv) Km 75+000 to Km 90+210(Package VI)”

Rabangla to Gyalshıng NH-510

The project includes Supervision services during construction and maintenance period of construction and upgradation works of 57.71 km 2-lane road with paved shoulder configuration.

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