• Contract Date: 1999
  • client: General Directorate of Highways
  • Name of Work:
    Supervision, Consultancy, Engineering Works on Construction of “Grading, Engineering Structures, Bridges, Tunnels, Sub-base, Plant-Mix Foundation and Bituminous Hot Mix etc.” at approximately Km 0+000-27+000 Section of Bolaman-Persembe Highway

Bolaman Persembe Hıghway

Construction supervision and consultancy services of 27.5 km 4 lane (2×2), Approximately 15 km of this road is along Black Sea coastal line including reclaimation work, highway between Bolaman and Persembe, Turkey. The project includes 2 overpasses, 5 tunnels, 34 bridges, sheet piles installation, cast in place piles, Tunnel Control Center Facilities (Administration building, dining hall, dormitory, warehouse, purifying and lubrication facility, boiler house), Power supply, lighting, ventilation, traffic signs, CCTV, power distribution, telecommunication utilizations, fire alarm and fire extinction system, water suplly system, traffic control system, radio boradcast system, SCADA systems.

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