• Contract Date: 2021
  • client: Gujarat Metrorail Corporation (GMRC) Limited
  • Name of Work:
    Selection of General Engineering Consultant for Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, Phase-II

Ahmedabad Metro Raıl Project

General Engineering Consultancy Services for overall projectmanagement, procurement, Design review and/or Proofchecking, testing and commissioning of the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project-Phase II of GMRC for total length of 28.254 km having two corridors Motera Stadium to Mahatma Mandir (22.838 km) and Gujarat National Law University to GIFT City (5.416 km) with 22 stations. Project scope includes specified civil engineering structures (Elevated, Underground, Depot), tracks, signalling, AFC, PSD BIM, Multimodal integration, Traction and Third Rail system, Electrical & Mechanical (E&M) services (Elevated, Underground, Depot and other places), SCADA, Lifts & Escalators, telecom facilities, traction arrangements, air conditioning & ventilation, rolling stock, maintenance depots, stations, operation planning including degraded mode of operation, operation control centre, offices, noise & vibrations mitigation measures, residential buildings etc.

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