• Contract Date: 2021
  • client: Republican Road Fund under Committee for Roads under the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Funded by Asian Development Bank)
  • Name of Work:
    Central Asia Regional Economic Corridor (CAREC) Corridor 2 Karakalpakstan Road (A380 Kungrad to Daut-Ata Section) Project: KRP/OCB/QCBS-02 Selection of Consulting Services for: Design Review and Supervision Consultant for WIM/ITS

A380 Kungrad to Daut-AtaRoad Sectıon

CAREC Corridor 2 Karakalpakstan Road (A380 Kungrad to Daut-Ata Section) Project includes Procurement, Design Review & Construction Supervision of a pilot scheme (i) smart ICT based road network with Intelligent Transport System (ITS) on 100 km section of A373 international road that will provide easy access to travel information in real timeto public motorist and the opportunities to share all related traffic data for all transport modes, improve road safety, and monitor road traffic and (ii) a Weight in Motion (WIM) overloading control facilities on both A 373 Tashkent to Namangan and M39 Tashkent to Samarkand roads.

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